EFT (emotional freedom technique, or just ‘tapping’) works by increasing the flow of energy through our energy body.

In EFT, we tap on certain meridian points using our fingertips to improve the flow of energy and clear the blockages.  When the blockages are cleared, a person starts to feel differently, better, more energised; emotions change, thoughts change, and many other things change as a result of that.

EFT is quick, easy, painless and there have been no reported negative side effects to tapping on meridian points.  A complete round takes just a couple of minutes, and the technique can be modified for use in public, or indeed anywhere you need it.

EFT is useful when there is an emotional element to an issue, or the issue is entirely an emotional one.  Most, if not all, human problems have at least an energy component, which means that if you improve on the energy component, the entire problem evolves and eventually resolves – even old problems that have been ‘stuck’ for a long time and seem ‘immune’ to all attempts to solve them or evolve them.