1. How long does a session last?
    Your session, whether hypnotherapy, Reiki or EFT, will last an hour. This includes a consultation at the start of the first session.
  2. I’m concerned you won’t be able to hypnotise me and that it won’t work.
    People often worry about this one! Remember that you put yourself in trance several times a day (think of all the times you’ve been daydreaming, or pulled into your drive having ‘missed’ the last five miles): it’s perfectly safe and a natural thing to do.  The difference is that you’re allowing someone else to put you into that relaxed state.
  3. How many sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions you need will be determined by the reason you are considering treatment.  This will be discussed with you as part of the initial consultation.
  4. I’m worried that you will be able to control my mind – is that true?
    Stage hypnotists have portrayed hypnosis in a particular way.  No-one can make you do something that you don’t want to do and that goes against your principles and values. Remember that the people on those shows have given their ‘permission’ to be open to those suggestions!
  5. Is Reiki like a massage?  What do I need to wear?
    During Reiki, the therapist will place their hands on or near your body in different places: there is no massage or pressure, and your preference will be discussed before treatment begins.  You will remain fully clothed throughout, so you just need to wear something comfortable.
  6. Do dogs like Reiki? All animals respond to Reiki.  Their body language makes it very clear whether they want Reiki – when they do, they become very quiet and relaxed – and when they do not.  My own dog gives me a dirty look before turning her back on me, or leaving the room.
  7. Can anyone learn to ‘tap’? Yes! Tapping , or EFT (emotional freedom technique) is very easy to learn.  Many people feel a bit daft when they first see it (me included!) though once they’ve experienced the resolution and calm it brings, they’re hooked.